Cheri Eaklor

Cheri Eaklor

Project Manager/SCRUM Master

Address Dallas, TX
Phone +1 (214) 263.7815
Fax +1 (801) 751.3242

Qualification Summary

Over 7 years experience managing strategic projects for luxury car manufacturer, BMW of North America and BMW Financial Services. Highly competent, passionate, organized and articulate, able to achieve results others believed to be impossible. Experienced in project management, business analysis, QA testing, and SCRUM software development methodology.

Demonstrated success record in:

  • Project management of complex, multiparty, projects.
  • Clear communication of business requirements with development staff.
  • Motivating staff to peak performance levels.
  • Increased client satisfaction through on-time delivery of assigned work.
  • Optimizing search results to propel websites to the first page of top search engines.

Core Competencies

  • Development Team Management
  • Project Management
  • Account Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Certified SCRUM Master
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Microsoft Web Technologies
  • Deployment Planning

Highlighted Career Achievements

Account Development
Successfully managed the BMW strategic account, expanding the billable staff from 4 full-time developers to 12. The BMW Financial Services account was added to our portfolio in 2007 via referral from BMW North America.
Project Management
Managed complex projects ranging from creating new operational procedures to designing and implementing redundant automatic failover systems to multi-month, multi-party collaborative development projects that must release ahead of a hard press deadline.
BMW Website Redesign
Managed BMW’s 2007 website redesign project to successful launch in April 2007. The redesign included a new Build Your Own BMW that is one of the best in the industry as well as full suite of owner tools and integration with BMW Financial Services.
Revenue Generation
Successfully managed the multi-million dollar BMW strategic account through three contract renewals, increasing the number of billing resources with each new contract.

Certifications & Training

Certified SCRUM Master
Ralley Dev - September 2006

Work Experience

Terremark, Irving, Texas (2003 - Present)

Program Manager, Professional Services, BMW Strategic Account
  • Responsible for the coordination of development across multiple projects with inserting and overlapping timelines.
  • Responsible for client communications and satisfaction for BMW and its partner organizations.
  • Identify and hire development and operational staff.
  • Manage and conduct performance reviews for 12 direct reports.
  • Define roles and responsibilities for each cross functional group and ensure the availability of tools and technology to complete assigned work.
Environment: Microsoft .NET 3.5, SQL Server 2008, Java, Web Services, XML, REST, Microsoft MVC
Project Manager, Professional Services, BMW Strategic Account
  • Responsible for the on-time delivery of the new multi-million dollar BMW Financial Services contract. The contracted project was to develop a full suite of owner financial services within the primary website and integrate with BMW Financial Services home office systems.
  • Responsible for the on-time delivery of a new Build Your Own BMW web experience. This ambitious project included automated rending of vehicle exterior and interior images that accurately reflect the options selected by the user along with a complex business rules engine to ensure the selected configuration was accurate and pricing was correct.
  • Identify and hire development staff capable of designing and implementing complex development tasks for Bank FFIEC and Credit Card PCI compliance.
Environment: Microsoft .NET 2.0, SQL Server 2005, Web services, XML
Website Administrator, Professional Services, BMW Strategic Account
  • Responsible for the system wide upgrade for from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003 and SQL Server 2000 cluster to SQL Server 2005 cluster for 32 web servers and 4 SQL Servers
  • Design and execute test plans for quality assurance across a massive spectrum of available configuration option combinations for all vehicles in BMW’s lineup.
  • Design and execute test plans for quality assurance and federal compliance for financial systems, privacy, and identity theft prevention.
  • Perform all content updates to public facing website using Microsoft Content Management Server and various custom tools.
  • Responsible for the quality of the public facing website.
  • Identify and initiate monitors to ensure uptime SLA of 99.9% for BMW website properties.
  • Gather, organize, and create specifications for development of process automation tools.
  • Interact with development team on quality assurance test results. Ensure design criteria are met and overall quality of the finished product.
  • Designed and maintain the BMW documentation for page templates, standard operating procedures, and business processes.
Environment: Microsoft .NET 1.1, SQL Server 2005, Web Services

Umix, Colorado Springs, Colorado (2001 - 2003)

Website Administrator/Information Systems
  • Successfully executed an EDI project for order fulfillment automation with Great Plains accounting.
  • Established online retail storefront for both the Umix Baby and Umix Pro product lines.
  • Established enterprise antivirus detection services.
  • Implemented best practices information systems administration to include backup schedules, systems upgrades, and technical support helpdesk.